Taiji - Harmonization of Yin Yang

The concept of Taiji is at the foundation of the Chinese culture.
These thoughts permeate the whole Chinese philosophy and
Chinese art.

Taijiquan, being a practical expression of this thoughts, is a specific form of whole body movements, which is deeply rooted into the Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Taijiquan movements enable to harmonize Yin Yang of mind body; enable the coordination of the inner organs and also the free and uncongested flow of Qi and blood. Practicing Taijiquan results in prevention of disease and enables the prolongation of life expectancy.

Natural slow, soft and evenly paced movements allow the harmonization of mind and body.
The continuous change during the movements between contraction and relaxation, opening and closing and shifting of the center of gravity allows to attain balance and calmness.

迈步如猫行, 运劲如抽丝 !

The movements of the stride
equals the movements of a cat!
The strenght of the movements
equals the spinning of silk!