Beidaihe  北 戴 河

Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital 河 北 省 医 疗 气 功 医 院


This Qi Gong Rehabilitation Clinic was founded by Liu Gui Zhen
in the 1950s.
In this clinic patients with different diseases are teated by Qi Gong exercises.
On the spacious grounds of the Qi Gong Rehabilitation Clinic is also located the
Chinese Training Centre for Qi Gong. Here, doctors from China and
abroad are trained and qualified.
The training centre offers various training opportunities and courses such as Neiyanggong, Taijiquan (Yang, Chen, Wu-style, Taiji Sword ).
Regularly groups from abroad come to Beidaihe in order to intensively
practicing Neiyanggong and Taijiquan.
Treatment options include Acupunctur, Tuina Massage, TCM diagnosis and treatment.